Effective lead generation blog strategies

Lead generation strategies

Blogging is an extremely effective method to improve a business’s online lead generation efforts while also providing customers with engaging, informative, and original content. However, the mere act of writing a blog post is not enough to reap the full benefits of blogging.

What is a good lead generation strategy?

A successful lead generation strategy is capable of reaching a large number of people while still catering to the specific needs of every individual. By providing potential leads with valuable content, your lead generation strategy interests potential customers in your products or services. 

A lead is an entity, such as a person or a business, who has shown some kind of interest in the products or services you offer. In other words, leads are your potential customers. For them to be leads, they need to be somewhere in your sales funnel. For instance, they provided you with their contact information, be it by filling a contact form, attending a webinar, or downloading your content.

What is lead generation?

12 tips for generating leads through your blog

1. Write for an ideal target audience

An effective method of connecting with your readers is to create an image in your head of what kind of person the ideal buyer would be. This is known as a buyer persona. A buyer persona is an archetypal person who influences the popularity of products and services.

If you direct your writing to a specific type of person, then your messages will approach readers at a more personal level. Letting your online visitors know that their business is influential will help them warm up to your brand. In addition, if you blog about customers’ potential questions, you will be recognized as a bona fide problem solver.

2. Always create relevant content

Your content should relate to the nature of your business. For example, B2B companies should rely on content that B2B buyers will find appealing to reap the full benefits of content marketing as a lead generation tool.

In case your business branches out into several types of buyer persona, your content should be varied enough to tailor to their varying needs. B2B marketers tend to use a combination of informative and promotional content for their content marketing strategy, ensuring the final product is of value to the customer as well as to the business.

3. Keep every blog post concise

Keeping a steady focus is essential to attracting high-quality leads. Not only does focusing on a single topic helps your target audience reach you organically, but it is also a very effective way to drive your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Here are tips to keep your blog posts consistent:

  • Include keywords, especially in the title (H1) of every blog post.
  • Don’t ignore meta descriptions, as they help visitors conceptualize the content they are about to consume.
  • Add image file names and alt tags to your blog, as search engines will not necessarily recognize an image by itself.
  • Include hyperlinks. These can be used to guide readers towards other useful content you’ve created.
  • Keep a mobile-first focus. By optimizing your content for mobile devices, you are catering to most Internet users.

4. Be consistent with your content generation efforts

The algorithms of search engines and social media platforms reward those who regularly post content. Being consistent and frequent with the content you produce will help you rank higher on online searches, and thereby improve your lead capture rates.

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5. Keep a coherent visual style

While many tactics can be used to influence search engine results, at the end of the day it is the quality of a webpage’s content that keeps visitors from clicking away. It is much easier for readers to understand what they are reading when the text is properly formatted and displayed in a reader-friendly way. 

Good formatting makes use of titles, subtitles, and whitespace to avoid overwhelming the reader with extensive bodies of text. Implementing other features of text processing software such as bold or italic text is also recommended. 

6. Have a content-focused lead generation strategy

If you want to acquire qualified leads with blog posts then you have to advance your lead generation efforts whenever you get the chance. There are two basic reasons why people look for something on the Internet: either they are looking to find a solution to a problem, or they are looking to be engaged in some sort of way. Identifying these traits in your content and exploiting them to your advantage is key to producing better content for your customers.

7. Entice potential leads with exclusive content

Most of your content will be available for online visitors to enjoy at their leisure. However, you can still offer customers higher value and capitalize on FOMO (fear of missing out) by providing exclusive content that only a select few will be able to experience. Special webinars, live demos, email lists, access to free reports, and other types of media are all examples of exclusive content.

By sharing unique experiences with a brand, customers form a closer relationship with it. More than just attracting new leads, transmitting a feeling of familiarity can help a business attract return customers who will be inclined to spend more and more often on a brand’s products and services.

8. Don’t be afraid to try new online lead generation tactics

Online lead generation is a novel field, and there is still much to be discovered. If a marketing strategy has proven successful for a particular business or campaign, that doesn’t mean those results can be easily replicated. Several factors, such as the industry a company belongs to, the current industry trends, and the main characteristics of the target demographic can alter the results of online lead generation strategies.

The best way of knowing if a strategy works is by putting it to the test. You can test new approaches to headlines, images, the tone of communication, and much more. If something doesn’t seem to present positive results, you can always go back. Likewise, partnering with lead generation experts can empower you to develop lead generation techniques specific to the needs of your business.

How to generate leads in sales

9. Create appealing and functional landing pages

A landing page is a web page a user will land on after clicking a link. Landing pages are commonly accessed via search engines like Google, or through social media marketing on pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube When a user interacts with email marketing, the link they will be asked to click will most likely send them to a landing page.

A landing page must be specially designed to generate leads. Good landing pages drive customers straight to the sales process. After a user has clicked your landing page, they are already inside your sales funnel, making them much more likely to make a purchase. 

Here are tips to generate leads on your landing pages: 

  • Add relevant calls to action (CTA) 
  • Optimize the design of your landing page 
  • Add a contact form 
  • Highlight the benefits of your products or services
  • Add testimonials from your customers
  • Create limited offers 
  • Analyze the performance of your landing page and adjust your strategy 
  • Etc. 

10. Enhance the quality of your written content

For blogging to be a useful lead generation tool, written content must capture the attention of readers. If focus or the content of a body of text fails to interest the reader, they will quickly move away towards the best next thing.

If the value provided by your content doesn’t stand out from the crowd, the majority of customers will remain apathetic to your offerings. On the contrary, original and inspiring content will shine bright when compared to repetitive and monotonous content. Marketing automation software techniques like SEO testing can be used to gauge the value of written content.

11. Give more attractive offers

Even the best sales team in the world would be pinching pennies if they had nothing good to sell. The more value each of your offers provides, the higher the chances of attracting quality leads. Grabbing customers’ attention through B2B lead generation strategies like cold calling is bound to catch customers unaware. 

In contrast, content marketing brings the customer in with enticing propositions. A customer who enthusiastically goes to a web page only to find low-value offers will leave unhappy and feeling they have been misled.

12. Post content on social media

Social media platforms are the ideal place to drive website traffic and grow an engaged audience. A whopping 97% of Fortune 500 Companies have implemented social media into their operations (source). Social media marketing can substantially increase the effectiveness of SEO practices and gives users an effective way to communicate with a business.

Implementing social media for lead generation gives you the following benefits:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Registering and publishing on social media can be done for free, and many options exist for companies who wish to pay for advertisements.
  • Targeted advertisement: If you decide to invest in social media ads, the tools allow you to customize your reach according to your target demographics.
  • Longer business hours: Social media sites don’t close, and customers can always have access to posted content.
  • Brand growth: As a place designed to share content, brands can use social media to expand their influence.
  • Instant customer service: Customer queries can be answered instantaneously via social media sites.

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Online lead generation is a crucial component for the success of every modern business. Partnering with Leadsier allows you to create top lead generation strategies that promote your brand in a friendly and unobtrusive way. You don’t have to worry about finding leads, as we also offer lead generation services.

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