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So, what is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a form of digital marketing where businesses and brands can communicate with customers and market their products and services

Content Marketing has to be part of your sales and marketing campaign, it is vital as it allows you to communicate and promote in a non-pushy and advertisement sense. Content marketing is something we take very seriously here at Leadsier. It’s one of the best tactics your business can use. You can send leads to literally hundreds and thousands of potential customers but you won’t receive any responses if your content doesn’t connect with your targeted audience. 

content as a marketing

Why use content as a marketing tool?

There many benefits to using content as a marketing tool to promote your business such as it allows you to connect with your customers and keeps them interested in your products and services

Content marketing can literally be the difference between making sales and not making sales. Recent studies have shown that the average consumer will read or look at 5 pieces of your content before thinking about enquiring or purchasing your product or service.

Content comes in a variety of forms and can be anything from an email, text, image, a blog (which is a fantastic way to keep in contact with your consumers regularly), or even video content on your website or on a youtube channel. Video content is becoming really popular these days and is especially effective with younger audiences.

Content marketing is all about building up a relationship and building trust in your target audience and creating a close relationship and building trust with them leads to building trust within their friends and family, overall creating a bigger target audience, getting your content in front of more people and increasing your chance of more sales. 

How our content marketing service works

As part of our services we will write relevant, reliable, and optimised content for your site’s readers that will increase engagement and your sales

When you choose to outsource your sales and marketing with Leadsier we also include the creation and maintenance of the content on your website. Our writing and Search Engine Optimisation team will get to know you, your business, your customers, and your industry inside out so they can create the most relevant and engaging content to increase your sales.

They will also make sure your content is fully optimised so it will rank better on search engines, allowing your site to get in front of more people, building trust in your audience and attracting more people to your site. The more people that see your products and services, the more sales.

Content Marketing and SEO

Search Engine Optimisation and Content work perfectly together

There is no point in creating great, trustworthy content if no one is going to see it. You wouldn’t open a store in the middle of a desert, you would want it in the prime spot downtown or a shopping mall, your website should be the same. You want to be posting content somewhere that it is going to be seen, that’s where search engine optimization comes in.

Our experts in content creation and our SEO team know all the ins and outs of writing valuable, engaging content that can be trusted and therefore highly ranked by search engine algorithms. They will get not only the content you need to produce sales but they’ll also make sure it is seen.

Is your content optimized for search engine?

Nobody knows with certainty how the google algorithms (yes there are more than one) work…and this is why many people don’t believe in SEO. If the formula is a secret how can you build a piece of content that will please Google and position your site on the first page of the search engines? There are two answers to that question:

SEO Testing: 

At Leadsier, we are strong believers in SEO testing. Why trust what other pseudo-specialists say, test it. We have a database of over 400 test results to base our content strategies on. Did you know that to rank high on a competitive keyword, you need to position it in your page URL, title tag, and H1?   We know because we have the tests to prove it.

Beleive your Google Search: 

We may not know the intricacies of the Google algorithms, but we can easily find what it likes…

Look at the pages appearing on page 1 when searching for your keyword. See how many words the pages have, where they use the main keyword, the variation of the keyword, see the contextual words that give meaning to the page (toilet, drain, blocked for a plumber as an example), and write your text by using those pages as an inspiration. Don’t copy, but be sure to cover the different aspects of the page in the top 3 spots. 

Not sure how to do this, ask us to review the content of an existing page for free. 

Leadsier’s content marketing principles

At Leadsier, when writing content for your website we promise to:

  • Create bespoke content for your business
  • Post on a regular basis to keep consistent contact with your customers and followers
  • Create content that will be valuable to your customers
  • Promote your content and make sure it is being seen
  • Write detailed and informative in-depth content for your site
  • Help your content reach your target audience on LinkedIn
  • Get to know your target audience and find their needs and wants to write suitable content
  • Write content that is relatable to your market and your business
  • Promote your products through content without sounding pushy or “salesy” 
  • Write content that is inviting for your audience to engage with and make them want to get in touch or enquire 
  • Always create factual content
  • Keep your content fresh and replace content when it becomes outdated
content marketing

An example of content marketing and how effective it is

One of the best brands in the world for marketing is red bull and here is one of their greatest marketing campaigns where they used content to tell their story

The best thing about content marketing is storytelling. Storytelling is the oldest form of marketing known to man and content marketing allows you to do it effectively. Think of this, what is the next thing you want to do after you hear a great story? That’s right, you want to tell someone else, you want to be the storyteller, this is fantastic for the person that the story is about.

If you create a good story that connects with your audience, the first thing they will do is run around telling other like-minded people your story, spreading the coverage of not just your story but you, your brand, and your products or services.

One of the best storytelling marketing maybe ever has to be Red Bull’s “Stratos” marketing campaign. The Stratos story is about Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian Red Bull Skydiver who jumped from around 24 miles high into the stratosphere, free-falling at around 800mph for almost 5 whole minutes before parachuting safely back to earth. 

Leading up to the event Red Bull did an unbelievable job of telling the story, posting regular content on all of their platforms talking about the event, showing some behind the scenes, the setup, the research, the training, the whole time keeping their audience interested and in the loop, they felt as if they were part of the event, Red Bull were connecting with the audience, telling them a great story, getting them excited, getting them to tell their friends.

Due to Red Bull creating connecting content and telling a great story, here’s what happened…

It got to event day and Red Bull streamed the entire event live on over 80 different tv stations across the globe, they also got 52 million views through their stream which was being broadcasted over almost 300 digital partners’ channels and they received over 8 million views on their Youtube Channel, making this event the most-viewed live streamed event in history. $50 million was put into the marketing of the event by Red Bull, and coverage experts are now saying it was worth $6 Billion to the energy drink company.

Why was it so successful? Why did so many people tune in? Because that many people knew about it! The marketing was unbelievable, every single piece of content posted leading up to the event and every shot in the live stream had a Red Bull logo in it somewhere. The Stratos jump was a huge success, creating a new world record, and Red Bull sales increased by almost 10% in the next 6 months after the event making over $1.5 Billion and they went on to sell 5.2 Billion cans of Red Bull the year following the event.

How did Red Bull do this? Easy. They told a good story.

How Storytelling through Content works

Here’s an example of how you can use a story related to what you are talking about to better connect with their readers and give them something they’ll want to pass on.

This is a story about a man who was one of the first people in history to use content for marketing. This is a story of a man named John.

In 1836, a young blacksmith named John who was financially struggling and desperate to make money to provide for his family in Vermont decided to leave his family and move west in hope of making that money.

John left with only $73 to his name and after being on the road for a fortnight he ended up stopping and setting up in Illinois. John set his blacksmith shingle and decided to get to know his new surroundings, everywhere he went he heard the same story of the farmers who had moved from the northeast struggling to get their iron ploughs through the sticky western soil of Illinois and were becoming annoying with having to clean their mud-covered ploughs every few yards.

John had an idea that if he could take the iron plough and cover it in steel that it would make its way through the ground a lot easier. The next year, 1837, John created the world’s first polished steel plough from an old broken saw blade. John then continued to work alongside the farmers, identifying their problems and helping create solutions. John continued to refine the plough and better all of his inventions, John ended up being one of the best inventors and businessmen in his generation.

That man’s name was John Deere. 

John Deere agricultural company made over $35.5 Billion U.S. Dollars in revenue last year. 

In 1895, John Deere launched what a lot of people describe as the first form of content marketing ever. They produced and distributed their magazine “The Furrow” for the first time. The magazine carries the same ethos that John Deere carried when he first moved west, to listen to farmers’ needs and wants and tell their stories. 

The Furrow magazine nowadays gets delivered to 1.5 million different farmers per month and is printed in over 10 different languages. That’s 1.5 million people already interested in agriculture reading content by an agricultural equipment supplier and 1.5 million seeing the John Deere brand at least once a month, building trust with the readers and massively increasing the chances that if they ever need or need to recommend agricultural equipment, they’ll always choose John Deere & Co.