LinkedIn Outreach | Maximise outreach and get leads through your LinkedIn account

LinkedIn, the social media platform built for business and b2b connections. For connecting with like-minded business people and finding new leads, there’s no other place like it! LinkedIn has done wonders for people’s sales and marketing over the years by allowing people from all walks of life to promote and talk about their business and business ideas in front of their connections and target audience.

With over ¾ of a billion people using LinkedIn, there are loads of business opportunities to get in front of target audiences and connect with potential b2b clients or business influencers within your target community which allows you to generate leads and potential new sales and clientele.

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What is LinkedIn Outreach? How does it work?

LinkedIn Outreach is using your LinkedIn profile to generate leads for your business through connecting with and messaging people in your target market.

Turn potential leads into qualified, successful leads on your LinkedIn account using a advanced and proven outreach strategy. Our Lead Generation experts proudly deal with LinkedIn outreach for hundreds of happy clients. Here at Leadsier, we can help you generate an outreach of up to hundreds of high-quality B2B leads on LinkedIn every month. 

Based on a study carried out by LinkedIn, 75% of B2B buyers and 80% of executive buyers use social media platforms to make decisions on purchasing products and services.

What makes LinkedIn different from the rest of the social media platforms out there is that it mostly has a focus on B2B and business connections. As stated by survey data, almost 60% of B2B marketing professionals say LinkedIn generates leads for their business, and 65% of B2B companies say they have gained at least one customer just by being on LinkedIn.


The advantages of using an outreach tool on a social media platform like LinkedIn

There are many advantages to using LinkedIn to reach out to potential clients and business opportunities such as the following:

Generating up to hundreds of leads per month

We use special automation tools to generate up to hundreds of leads through your LinkedIn account. Unfortunately, you can’t just start and on day one send out hundreds of connection requests followed by instant messages. LinkedIn will notice this as unusual behaviour and probably pull you up for it.

Instead what we do is build this approach up slowly for you, starting with around 10 connection requests per day for the first 3-5 days and slowly increasing the number of connection requests we send out over time. After a month we will have increased your connection requests to around 50 connections per day and will continue to grow this slowly over time. Sending out 50-100 connection requests daily eventually adds up to 1500-3000 connection requests per month.

Now we can’t guarantee that everyone will accept your request and definitely not everyone will reply to your messages including your business insight or offer but as you increase your business name and popularity, your accepted requests and replies will not be far behind. Even if 5% of your requests and messages turn into leads, that’s 150+ per month! And we will be here every step of the way helping you through the process of generating leads, pitching your sales, and closing deals.

Save time and effort

The biggest issue most businesses face with social media and optimizing it to generate leads and create sales is time. There are so many compartments to a successful business and each and every one of them needs time and effort ploughed into them in order for them to continue to be successful. 

So let us handle this compartment for you. Let Leadsier generate leads and increase sales on your behalf. We will take care of everything to do with your LinkedIn outreach, we’ll create a lead generation and marketing strategy built with personalization based on your brand, sending requests and messages to potential customers to create hot leads and new business opportunities, with your input and approval every step along the way during the strategy.

Increased Outbound Sales

Don’t wait for the sales to come to you. Go and get them where people are looking to buy what you have to offer. Yeah inbound sales are great, you set up your products and people have to come to you to purchase them but that doesn’t happen a lot unless you’re selling something like an alternative ending to the last season of Game Of Thrones, and inbound sales definitely don’t happen on social media where there is too much to choose from in the one place. 

That’s why you’ve got to take your offers to the customers instead of relying on them to find you. Outbound sales take a lot of effort and aren’t easy, especially at the start but that’s where we take over, Leadsier can provide consistency to your outbound sales and marketing strategy on LinkedIn. 

Consistency is Key. – This phrase is true in all walks of life but it isn’t easy, especially when you’re trying to stay consistent in other areas of your business too. So let us do all the heavy lifting and add consistency to your outbound sales strategy to level out the playing field between inbound and outbound sales within your business.

Send messages to your target market only

There really is no point in sending messages to people who aren’t looking for or who aren’t interested in what you have to offer, you’re not going to generate sales from these messages and the only leads you will generate are useless ones.

You need to be offering your products and services to your target audience, someone who is looking for your product or someone who is interested in your service and will benefit from it. Sending LinkedIn messages to people in your target audience will produce sales and the leads will work.

Add personalization to your LinkedIn Outreach campaign with our strategies that are 100% tailored to your business’s needs. We will do the market research to find out exactly who your target audience is and build your outreach strategy around that only sending connection requests and messages with your offer to those who are the most likely to be interested or already looking for the type of service or product you are offering.

Make connections and talk to people who want to hear from you

In addition to being in front of your target audience, your strategy needs to be built so you are reaching out and sending messages and leads to people who want to hear from you. We can help you find the right people and businesses to reach out to through market research, finding out who and what lines of work benefit best from your product or service. 

Increase not only lead generation figures but increase your revenue too

With a good and consistent outreach strategy, it won’t just be successful in generating leads but over time your sales and your overall revenue will grow. We have developed sales, marketing and lead generation strategies for hundreds of successful campaigns for multiple clients in all different industries and in every one of those campaigns we’ve noticed an increase in leads, then becomes an increase in sales meetings, which leads to an increase in closing sales and at the end of the year, a great increase in revenue.

Increasing overall revenue can be massively beneficial for a company and gives them the extra cushion to take risks and try out new things or reinvest in themselves so they can grow and expand, why not start your journey to increased revenue today with Leadsier?

Our outreach process to generate leads on LinkedIn

Here at Leadsier, we use a reliable and proven outreach strategy on LinkedIn to generate leads for your business and increase your sales

There are multiple important steps to our LinkedIn Outreach process such as:

  1. Setting up the campaign with the client – First of all, we will discuss and converge on ideas and get to know everything we can about your business so that we can make your campaign bespoke to you.


  2. Set Up the Automation Tool for outreach – We conduct market research to find out who your target market is and who in that market is best to outreach to. Once we define and narrow down who your target customers are, we will look at what they have in common and aim the outreach campaign at them to have the best chance of generating hot leads for your business.


  3. Create the perfect message – We’ll then construct an impactful message to send first to the potential customer and create a few backup messages to send at a later date to help increase our chances of getting a reply.


  4. Closing the sale – Depending on which service you choose with Leadsier we can simply forward the lead to you and let you discuss more with the potential client and close the deal or we also offer sales as a service where we will then act on your behalf to sell your products and services.

Facing challenges with your current LinkedIn Outreach process?

Leadsier can help you at any stage of your lead generation process on LinkedIn whether you are brand new to the idea or have been struggling with an ongoing process

Started a campaign and hitting some walls? Or maybe you’ve tried LinkedIn outreach before and failed? It’s easily done. 90% of the time this is down to other parts of your business becoming busier and therefore a bigger priority, nobody can do everything at once, at Leadsier we get that.

We can help you with your LinkedIn Outreach at any step of your lead generation journey whether you have no idea where to start or need help to adjust your current campaign. Contact our sales, marketing and lead generation experts to see how we can help you and your business.

LinkedIn Outreach

How to construct the perfect LinkedIn direct cold message for outreach - The fundamentals of a message that will have an impact on its recipients.

Create and send messages that aren’t spammy and instead are respectful and impactful, giving you the best chance of getting a reply and,  further down the line, a sale.

There are many things you can do to your messages to improve both your reply rate and your close rate such as:

  • Sending your message to your target audience – As stated earlier on this page it is much easier to generate leads when you are sending messages and offers to people who will actually benefit from your products and services.

  • Find a connection/common ground – You don’t want to be spammy, you want to keep your messages respectable and impactful. Finding common ground between you and the recipient or between their business and your service or product establishes a connection and this is massively important for when you later introduce the sale.

  • Keep your messages short – Keep your message short and concise, you don’t want to write a novel. A short and precise message has a big impact on whether you get a reply or not and for your first message that is all you are looking for, a reply. The difficult part is keeping it short, don’t make it sound blunt or rude, share things like how you came across their profile, find common ground and establish an initial connection.

  • Don’t start with trying to sell – Don’t try to sell anything before establishing a connection with the lead. If you start with the sale, it gives off the impression that you just sent the same message to hundreds of people and therefore you must be desperate to sell your product so obviously, its sales are failing and it isn’t good. Even if this isn’t the case, that’s what they’ll think because that’s what you’d think if the same thing happened to you.

  • Give your recipient a reason to reply – After establishing a connection or common ground with your lead leave them with a question or another incentive to write a reply which will then spark the next stage of your process, your sales pitch.

  • Keep track and chase up leads – Keep track of how many messages you are sending and who has replied and who hasn’t so you can follow up with a second message to try and get an answer one more time.


Why should you outsource your LinkedIn Outreach to Leadsier?

Here at Leadsier, everything is about you, the client and your business and how we can make your business more successful by producing better lead generation and therefore better sales figures. 

For us, it’s about producing the best service possible for our customer and always going over and above to stand out and do our best to make not only us but our clients’ businesses successful and win in the market.

We know it is not easy to just hand over your business’s outreach campaign to a third-party company to conduct your business on your behalf but with Leadsier you will never need to ask how your LinkedIn outreach is going because our expert team will always confirm the strategy with you before they begin working on the campaign, this gives us the best chance of carrying your company’s ethos over to any lead and we will give you regular updates every step of the way on how your outreach is going.

One thing we know at Leadsier is that every business is different. That’s why we strive to not just be a third-party and have that relationship with our clients but instead have a partnership with them. We won’t start work until we know everything we need to know about your company and its morals so that we can create realistic lead generation strategies through LinkedIn that are 100% bespoke to you so when we engage with the market and promote your products and services on your behalf that it can be as if the lead was talking to you.