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What is PPC Advertising?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, so what does that mean?

PPC is a form of digital advertising where the advertiser must pay for every time a user clicks on an online ad of theirs.

There are many different forms of Pay Per Click ads such as paid search ads and paid social media adverts. Paid search ads are adverts that will show up when you make a commercial search (a search where you are looking for a product or service) with a search engine such as google or bing. 

No matter how big your campaign is or how long your ads run for, you still only get charged when a user clicks on your ad, it quite literally is pay-per-click.

Other aspects of PPC advertising are things such as display ads like banner ads and retargeting ads and also Gmail sponsored promotions and social media ad campaigns.

Here at Leadsier, we specialise in Google Ads and Facebook Ads.


So, how do Pay Per Click Ads work?

PPC advertising is a marketing strategy that works off of and is based on keywords

Usually to set up a Pay Per Click ad you need to go through a PPC ad campaign management system such as Google Adwords. PPC ad campaigns management systems will assess the keywords and give them a value based on some determining factors such as the keyword:

  • Search volume (how much it is being searched)
  • Difficulty (how hard it is to rank for this keyword)
  • Competition (how many advertisers are competing for this keyword)


For example, a keyword with low search volume, that is easy to win and has a low amount of advertisers competing for it might be $0.50 per click.

Yet a keyword with high search volume, that is harder to win and has a lot of advertisers competing for it might cost closer to $5.00 per click. 

Although, there is only so much space for ads online so how do you secure a place for your ad? For example, Google holds an ad auction where advertisers bid for the keywords they would like their ads to show up for when searched.

Setting up a PPC Ad campaign can be difficult and take a lot of time and effort, that’s where we come in. Leadsier can do all the research needed to find the perfect keywords and built the perfect strategy for your PPC campaign within your budget.

Why use PPC advertisement for your business?

Pay Per Click advertising can generate results for your business faster than other digital marketing tactics

There are many benefits to using pay-per-click advertising for your business, the main one being that it is a fast Return On Investment (ROI). There are also other benefits to using PPC ads such as:

  • Results from Pay Per Click ads are very easy to monitor 
  • PPC works very well alongside other marketing channels (such as SEO)
  • PPC adverts can produce a lot of very useful data and can be great for market research
  • You can run one-off campaigns if you do not have the budget for ongoing marketing campaigns
  • You can fully customise your campaigns

Pay Per Click is fast and easy once set up, easy to monitor and adjust if you need more sales or easy to tone down or even turn off if you are receiving too many results from it.

It works very well with other marketing channels such as SEO because tactics such as Search Engine Optimization can take a while to take off and start produces masses of results, SEO is more beneficial in the long run but if you need a quick start or need to boost results fast then using the both together can produce fast results week after week.

Using pay per click ads can also prove to be very beneficial for collecting data. You can see what keywords your competitors are fighting for, what the market is searching for the most and what you should be charging for products and services compared to what competitors are charging and how much the advertisement is to maximise your profit margin.

Leadsier’s Pay Per Click Advertising Service

Gain results, make sales, and increase your online presence fast with our services

At Leadsier we have a great PPC Advertising service for our clients, here’s what’s included:

  • PPC Management – We will manage your whole ad campaign for you so you don’t have to lift a finger. We will discuss with you exactly what you want your campaign to involve and we won’t make a single decision without your permission. We guarantee to get the best possible ROI for your business within your budget.
  • Keyword Research – We will research and assess keywords to find the best suited and most relevant terms to your business and the most efficient keywords to get the most out of your ad budget.
  • Both Google & Facebook Ads – We can run your ad campaigns on both Google and Facebook and retarget to get in front of clients whether they are searching or on their newsfeed.
  • A/B Testing – We can run ad campaigns simultaneously for a short period to find out what one comes out on top so we can choose that keyword for the remainder of your campaign.
  • Landing Page Optimization – We work alongside our expert SEO and content team to create a fully optimized and Call To Action orientated landing/homepage where your ads will be sending your prospects. This increases your chance of a conversion and increases your sales.


Our service is all about doing the heavy lifting of marketing and ads for you so you can focus on other aspects of your business and can put your time and effort into your current customers.

Using PPC ads and SEO together

Why using Pay Per Click advertising alongside Search Engine Optimization can be so effective

Using PPC ads along with SEO is the perfect balance, especially at the start of your marketing campaign like SEO, yet very effective, can take a few weeks to kick in, this is the perfect time to push an ad campaign as the ROI is much faster with ads as its more outbound marketing compared to the more inbound approach of Search Engine Optimization. 

Using PPC in conjunction with SEO is also great as you can turn your ad campaign up and down, if SEO is producing enough results on its own you can turn down the push for ads and if you are having a slightly quieter time you can simply turn the ads back up. 

Having the ability to do this brings consistency to your business and means there is always revenue coming in for your company.

SEO scientists

How much does a Pay Per Click ad campaign cost?

Many deciding factors determine the cost of a PPC ad campaign

The cost of a full PPC ad campaign can vary depending on many different factors. Your costs could be influenced by which keywords your target, the industry you’re in, how big your business is and how much advertising you will need because of your business size. 

The start of a campaign can also cost a little more to set up and the first few runs before you decide what keywords you’re going to settle with and chase for the rest of your campaign. 

What you must take into consideration is that you must budget for the cost of a management agency to manage and run your campaign but also your ad budget. This can be a lot depending on how big your campaign needs to be. 

That’s why at Leadsier we strategically budget your campaign with you to save you as much money as possible on your ad spend by correcting the most effective keywords for your budget and only posting ads where your ideal customer is most likely to be.

Why choose Leadsier to manage your PPC ad campaigns?

Our PPC experts will use their experience to gain results and create sales for you with speed and precision

At Leadsier, we see our work with our customers not as work but as a partnership. 

We know it can be a daunting thought to outsource any kind of advertising strategy for your company to someone else. That’s why we discuss every step with you before carrying out any of our PPC ad campaigns on your behalf to make sure the ad campaign is effective, relevant and will save you both time and money. There’s no black box and no surprise with us, we will be fully transparent and explain any actions we take before we take them. We will ensure that we are keeping all of the ad campaign relevant to your business and we will also be sure to carry your company’s ethos through the advertising campaigns that we produce so that no one will even know you are using a third party for your pay per click ad strategy, think of us as an advertising shadow…

At the end of the day, for us, it is about making your business successful through creating more revenue for you and a great return on your investment with us, because if you are successful then we are too.