Sales Closing | Outsource sales experts from Leadsier to start closing your sales more effectively

So, what is outsourcing a team of sales experts to close your sales? What does that mean?

Outsourcing an external team to close your sales means getting a team of professionals outwith your organisation to work and do business on your behalf 

Outsourcing a sales team to close your deals isn’t a new thing, for generations, businesses have gone to other traders and third parties to sell their products and services, widen their target audience and get their business seen in front of customers they couldn’t connect with before due to a lack of time, resources, or even just chemistry and common ground. 

A lot of people also don’t like selling, if you’re unsure or inexperienced in the sales and marketing industry, you’re going to experience a lot of no’s before you get a yes (that’s if you do get a yes). You may have the best product available in your market right now or a service that people need that they just can’t get anywhere else, but if you dunno how to sell it, no one is gonna buy it.

That’s where we come in, Sales closing as a service with Leadsier isn’t just about taking closing sales off your hands completely and forgetting about it. Closing your sales with the help of Leadsier is a long term partnership opportunity. It’s about creating a long-lasting, strong relationship. Having this bond means we can fully understand your business, allowing us to close your sales on your behalf and increase your revenue. We’re not like other outsourced sales teams who might work under their own name and their own ways of closing deals, but with us, we will close sales on your behalf, representing you and the way you like to conduct your business, meaning we can build vital trust in the clients we are selling to for you. 

Why outsource a team to close your sales? What are the true benefits of outsourced sales closing?

There are many benefits to outsourcing a team of sales professionals to conduct your business and close new clients and/or sales on your behalf

1. Having your own sales team

Working alongside Leadsier means you get a sales team full of experts dedicated to you and closing your sales. 

Having your own team closing your sales allows you to focus on other parts of your business while at the same time we are closing new clients on your behalf, making new connections and increasing your revenue

2. Save Time and Money

Outsourcing your closing using Leadsier will save you time, effort, and also money which you could put into other aspects of your company’s business such as training and production and allows you to spend more time on your current workload, giving your existing customers the best service you have to offer.

3. Close Mulitple Sales in a Short Space of Time

Having an outsourced team dedicated to closing your sales means you are not alone. We know that business comes in peaks and troughs and sometimes you get multiple potential clients at once which is very hard to handle and means it is very difficult to give potential clients the same level of attention… unless you have a full team working on looking after potential clients and closing sales that is.

4. Flexibility

When you outsource an expert sales team, you have the choice of how involved you want to be in closing sales. You can be involved every step of the way or you can leave your outsourced sales team to do their thing and close the deal!

You can also choose how much you need your outsourced sales closing team to do, whether you need them to just be a support network and take the final sales meeting to close the deal or whether you need them to chase the potential client from being a lead all the way to closing the sale.

How our Sales Closing Service works

It’s simple, we do all of the work for you!

It really is that simple, depending on what package you choose and what agreement you have with us we can take all the information we need from you and just close the final sales meeting. We do this by analysing the data you have passed on and then decide what type of sale and potential client the person/company is, we use this information to build a strategy and a close approach that we think, using our experience and expertise, will be the most successful in getting the best deal and closing the client for you.

sales closing

No matter the size of sale or the clientele you need to land, Leadsier can seal the deal for you

We have worked with an array of companies in many different industries and sectors and have generated revenue for clients all over the country

Leadsier has a variety of sales plans and packages made to suit every client. Whether you’re new to the business world and just need that extra support in landing your first client or whether you are a nationwide or worldwide corporation selling $100,000 contracts, Leadsier is there to help you close that sale no matter what type of client you are or how big your product or service is.

Why choose Leadsier to close sales on your behalf?

At Leadsier, we’re not just here to close sales for you, but together with you.

For us, it’s all about producing the best service possible for our clients and always going over and above the market competition to stand out in a league of our own to make not only our business but our clients’ businesses successful.

We know it’s hard to just hand over your sales to another team to close deals on your behalf but with Leadsier you will never need to ask to find out how your business’s sales are doing because our expert closers will always confirm closing strategies and techniques with you before they speak with clients, this allows us to carry your company’s ethos in the best way possible over to any client we deal with and we will keep you updated every step of the way.

If there’s one thing we know at Leadsier, it is that every single business is different, in one way or another. That’s why we take pride in not only having that third-party relationship with our clients but instead having a partnership with you. We don’t start our closing strategies until we know everything we need to know about how you run your business and your company’s ethos so that we can create sales closing strategies that are 100% bespoke to our clients so that when we engage with potential clients of yours and sell your products and services on your behalf that clients can feel comfortable and feel no difference between talking with us and talking with you.