Case Study (2)

Safety Medical Devices Lead Generation | Domrex


Domrex Pharma was thriving in the Canadian market. Established by two entrepreneurs in Laval, Quebec, they had a well established system of distributing safety medical devices and diabetes products throughout Canada. 

However, it became clear to them that they needed Sales support to handle the US enquiries as they just did not have the capacity to handle and in turn achieve the maximum potential in the market, which is where we came in. 


The Results 

After our intervention, Domrex Pharma’s North American PPE sales increased at an exponential rate. 

Their sales skyrocketed from $10M USD to $22M USD in only six months.

The Process 

Time management was one of the main issues that Domrex Pharma was facing. Although they had the capabilities to manage their Canadian clientele, they were finding it difficult to manage US clientele as well. Our team therefore established the relationship on incoming enquiries from US clients and helped to qualify, inform and make sales for the business. 

Through targeted lead generation we were able to increase the companies exposure to the GPO’s in the US which are often buying products on behalf of the hospitals.  This was a targeted campaign that was extremely specific, so we were only able to target 40 prospects a day

Now we have established trust with our customers and they are pleased with the result. They are now moving forward to optimise their website through SEO. Stand by for the transformation once we get them ranking highly in the US….