Case Study (3)

B2B Lead Generation | Regalo


Regalo is the first app of its kind. The purpose of the app is to allow people to send gifts to anyone in the world without the need for their physical address.

Being a new business, Regalo sought our help to introduce them to key partners who would allow them to sell their products through the app.


The Results 

Once we were brought on board, we were able to increase their partnerships from zero to six in three months.

Two high profile companies who we were able to establish partnerships with were Uber and Amazon.

The Process 

Regalo wanted a strict set of partners that they wanted us to initiate partnerships with before the launch of the app.

In order to attain these partnerships by the launch date, we had to target the companies in a very direct way. Firstly we connected and approached as many key decision makers, and lower level employees via Linkedin and Email. We prospected around 50 a day. 

Coupled with this was a targeted email campaign with information about Regalo and phone calls, calling on who believed the correct decision maker to be. 

Finally as we did not want to leave anything to chance we also made sure we contacted customer service and signed up to an affiliate program to allow us to engage in conversation and be directed to the key partnership decision makers. 

In conclusion in 3 months we got 6 partners that allowed Regalo to launch on time… Further more that Uber believed in the partnership so much we directly connected to there API.