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SEO for Plastic Surgeons – Case Study

SEO for Plastic Surgeon

In September 2020, we were approached by a plastic surgeon to see how we could help increase the leads for its Montreal clinique. The clinique was established for many years, but growth was slowing down, particularly for the popular and lucrative surgeries of breast implants and of rhinoplasty. 

After an in-depth audit and a discussion with our client, we first focused our approach toward optimizing the Google My Business (GMB) listing and the content of the Clinique’s site. 

What most people don’t understand is that optimizing your GMB and using the proper structure on your home page to match this optimization can do a miracle for your site traffic.

Our SEO services for Plastic Surgery beat 83 other doctors in the local Montreal market….in 3 months

After a year of work, we now have 23 keywords where we rank 1st on the Google Map, words such a Breast Implant and Plastic Surgeon. We also rank 2nd on 10 keywords and 6 times in 3rd position, all of this with only one Google My Business location.

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The SEO strategy we used to increase the traffic for our plastic surgeons’ client.

Plastic Surgery is a difficult market when it comes to organic search. The core keywords present a high volume for monthly searches but are truly competitive. The way to win is to play the game locally. Discover our Plastic Surgery SEO

A Google search for the name of most surgeries triggers the geolocalisation within the algorithm. Therefore, the GMB needs to be optimized to take advantage of this. By optimizing the content of the site and the GMB, we help our client site appear first on Google Map within a few weeks, and most importantly started generating extra income until we could position the regular “money pages” on the first page of Google.

Today our SEO strategy is generating between 60 and 100 new leads per month to the clinique !